WackoWaves is a company that was born with the purpose of creating inspiring nautical productions, where each and every one of the feelings experienced on board are reflected.

In response to the experience of a temporary contract with a company for the rental of boats in Greece, we realized that we had a different north:

Develop an innovative system that would allow the acquisition of boats in the most economical way possible.

And thus, make this great passion accessible to a majority group of people.

"WACKO"; a little used word, it refers to a different, unusual way of doing things. Our purpose is to make a difference by re-understanding the sea experience. We introduce you:


An innovative plan for the shared acquisition of boats in which the management, maintenance, rental, delivery and return are carried out by a professional company.
This plan divides each boat into 12 participations with 28 sailings per year with a duration of 7 years, after which the boat will be put up for sale, distributing the result among the partner-owners.
WackoWaves will take care of the rental of the days that each member-owner does not want or cannot navigate, thus improving the numbers of each investment.


(Traditional system)


Lack of use

According to several studies, a traditional owner uses his boat an average of 28 days/year, which significantly increases the cost of each trip.


WackoSailing ensures that each member-owner can enjoy 28 days/year, including the possibility of renting those days that they don’t want or can’t enjoy, thus offering the maximum return on investment.

High purchase and

maintenance costs

In addition to allocating considerable economic resources when making the purchase and annual maintenance of the boat, you must also dedicate time and concern to its care.

Shared costs

Society is increasingly directed to the intelligent use of things, to "sharing", from accommodation, cars, bikes... even more so it makes sense to share a boat that is used so occasionally during the year.

Lack of training

After purchasing a boat, the question may arise... so what now? Lack of knowledge, training and advice can cause a bad nautical experience, as well as cause a feeling of insecurity when making a sailing cruise.

Continuous training

With WackoSailing you will never sail alone, it starts with a week of training with skipper, advice and follow-up on each journey, reservation of moorings, continuous training, organization of activities and events...



We help you organize your vacations, trips or events. We also give you a hand to reserve your moorings with a follow-up and accompaniment at all times.


During the first week on your boat, you will have an exclusive skipper, making you an expert on it. In addition, you will have access to the WackoSailor Portal, where you will find information about your boat, organized routes at your fingertips, articles of interest… and much more!


When you arrive at your boat you will find it perfect. We include a cleaning service prior to your entry into the boat, sheets, towels, kitchenware... and even the provisioning.


WackoSailing will allow you to launch a new boat every 7 years. All kind of boats with new designs and improvements will be at your disposal.


As you have seen in the comparison, the difference in costs for sailing days is very significant. Why are you going to pay more?


Whether you are a company or an individual, with WackoSailing you will have a large number of options. From details with clients, team building, incentives, courses, meetings... you will always have an exclusive service at your fingertips on your boat.

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INNOVATIVE vessel acquisition plan