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Frequent asked questions

How are the days divided?

The days will be distributed randomly on the same day the contract is signed. At that time each wackosailor will know all the dates to be able to choose between confirming days, proposing changes and proposing to rent those days that they do not want or cannot enjoy.

Can I have more than one share?

Sure! The maximum number of shares will be twelve, and each share will have 30 days. Therefore, if a wackosailor wanted two shares, he would have access to 60 days a year.

Can I change my days?

Yes. Each wackosailor has the ability to make daily changes to the other wackosailors. This operation will be managed by the Wackowaves team, thus avoiding problems and misunderstandings that may arise.

What happens to the days we rent?

Those days that the wackosailors don't want or cannot enjoy, we will put them up for rent and the profits will directly affect the boat's account. Therefore, the investment of each wackosailor can only get better.

Who manages the rental of the weeks?

The rental of each week will be managed by the staff of Wackowaves.

What happens when the five-year contract ends?

After the end of the contract after the five years, the boat will be put up for sale and once it is sold the result of the sale will be distributed among the wackosailors, taking into account their shares.
If the time comes, it has not been possible to sell the boat at an adequate price, the contract will continue to meet the day-sharing system.
We will calculate the sale price based on an average annual depreciation of 12% and adjusting to the current economic situation.

What is the base port?

We will adapt the base port according to the location of the wackosailors.