A new shared boat acquisition plan in which the management, maintenance, rental, delivery and return are carried out by a professional company.


This plan divides each boat into 12 participations, with 30 sailing days per year corresponding to each of them.


The distribution of these days will be through a semi-flexible calendar where:

During the months of greatest demand (June, July, August and September) the distribution will be 10 consecutive days. Meanwhile, the remaining 20 days corresponding to each share will be assigned randomly throughout the year among the owners.


The boat use plan will last for 5 years, after which it will be put on sale, distributing the result among the owners, giving the option of acquiring a new one.


After the first year, any partner-owner may sell his share.


The options that the partner-owners have to maximize the return on their shares are:

- Confirm the days you want to sail.

- Propose and agree a change on the days already assigned to another partner-owner.

- Discard the days of use and allocate them to the rental of the boat.


At WackoWaves we take care of the rental of those weeks in which the member-owners do not want or cannot navigate. The rental proceeds will directly affect each owner-partner, therefore, the investment can only improve.


Next, we will show an example: For this we will use the Beneteau Oceanis 40.1




This new, perfectly equipped boat would cost 320.400€ including VAT (21%) and registration tax (12%). When WackoWaves orders the purchase of a boat, it does so directly from the shipyard so it does not have to pay VAT (at that time), and neither does the registration tax. For all this, we start from a price of 225.000€.


You have to take into account the cost of transferring the boat, dent, safety equipment (life raft, beacon, fire extinguishers, vests...), as well as the auxiliary with its engine and accommodation (bedding, kitchenware... ), which would cost approximately 25.000€.


The cost of participation for the Beneteau Oceanis 40.1 will be 18.000€, with high equipment both in the configuration of the shipyard, and in the subsequent equipment.



You also have to take into account fixed and variable expenses:

- Fixed expenses: The mooring, the comprehensive insurance and the management costs in which it is included (cleaning the boat, delivery and reception, monitoring and training, rental management, maintenance control...).

- Variable expenses: Maintenance, annual grounding, and all unforeseen events that may arise.


These maintenance costs will be highly controlled for the following reasons:

- Being a totally new boat, many of them will be covered by the guarantees.

- We have comprehensive insurance.

- The partner-owners will have a period of training and adaptation to the boat.

- The ship will have a modern monitoring facility.


Taking into account all the expenses, as well as what would be included, annual expenses per participation of 3.000€ are calculated.



Likewise, depreciation must be taken into account, since when new boat every 5 years, we must calculate the depreciation that it will suffer in those years. In our case we calculate it at 12% per year of the price of the boat.


Therefore, the price of the boat at 5 years would be 95.000€ including taxes, and this would be the amount that the partner-owners will recover.





With this system, WackoWaves offers the most economical day sailing option on the market.

We must also consider that those days of navigation that are not used by the partners, the boat will be rented. And that the results of those rentals will be distributed among them, thus reducing maintenance costs, or obtaining profitability if they have not been able to navigate that year.


As we know, each member-owner only has to worry about his personal aspects and his luggage, because even the provision of the boat, food and drink can be delegated to the WackoWaves staff.


That way, you only have to worry about enjoying yourself!

COSTS / 7 days

Beneteau Oceanis 40.1

(Traditional owner)


COSTS / 7 days

Beneteau Oceanis 40.1





We help you organize your vacations, trips or events. We also give you a hand to reserve your moorings with a follow-up and accompaniment at all times.


During the first week on your boat, you will have an exclusive skipper, making you an expert on it. In addition, you will have access to the WackoSailor Portal, where you will find information about your boat, organized routes at your fingertips, articles of interest… and much more!


When you arrive at your boat you will find it perfect. We include a cleaning service prior to your entry into the boat, sheets, towels, kitchenware... and even the provisioning.


WackoSailing will allow you to launch a new boat every 5 years. All kind of boats with new designs and improvements will be at your disposal.


As you have seen in the comparison, the difference in costs for sailing days is very significant. Why are you going to pay more?


Whether you are a company or an individual, with WackoSailing you will have a large number of options. From details with clients, team building, incentives, courses, meetings... you will always have an exclusive service at your fingertips on your boat.